Branch Manager / Regional Manager


A Branch Manager/Regional Manager owns dual responsibilities - of leading a profit centre operation within a branch and of managing transaction assignments. The role therefore has two clear sets of responsibilities - sales & revenue targets and successful conclusion of transactions for clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participation in creation of targets for group executives based on existing corporate target setting policies at the start of the year
  • Effective communication of targets to group executives and ensuring their buy?in on the same
  • Developing and nurturing relationship with new and existing clients
  • Ensuring adequate enquiries and interest from the market with respect to assigned prospect base
  • Allocation of prospect base to group team members
  • Managing inward leads assigned by BL Lead and assigning to group executives
  • Developing proposals
  • Ensuring achievement of targets by all group executives
  • Achieving individual target
  • Endeavouring to garner as many mandate?based opportunities as possible
  • Dealing with staff attrition and ensuring that group targets are achieved despite changing team structures
  • Managing forecast projections
  • Ensuring on-time reporting on business development activity as per defined formats at regular intervals
  • Developing a strong understanding of client / prospect requirements and strategic objectives from the transaction
  • Translating strategic objectives of the client into a Transaction Brief
  • Maintaining strong relationships with landlords, building owners / agents and appropriate teams within developer corporations to ensure strong market leverage
  • Manage the entire transaction process including options presentation and shortlist discussions
  • Negotiating best terms – commercial and lease – in the client’s best interests
  • Achieving the optimal win?win scenario between landlord and corporate client objectives to the extent possible
  • Ensuring due diligence exercises are implemented for all aspects of the transactions
  • Coordinating with internal & associated consultants (including internal client teams and client consultants) in the due diligence process
  • Taking transaction to closure
  • Creating all reports requested by the client
  • Building teams as agreed for group
  • Team morale management and ensuring low attrition within group
  • Ensuring that group team members adhere to administrative standards – including attendance, on?time office timings, etc.
  • Ensuring that team members provide adequate input to support reporting requirements
  • Ensuring that team operations are harmonious and synergistic
  • Tracking and recommending team performance bonuses and commissions as per established standards
  • Managing issues & conflicts within group
  • Supporting the BL Head in running operations as required
  • Ensuring Invoices are generated at the end of the transaction and the fees collected on time
  • Promoting all business lines of the company – including Landlord Representation, Investor Services, etc. – in the market

Work Relationship & Reporting

  • Reporting Manager : BL Head
  • Reportees: Transaction Managers, Business Development Managers for enquiry management (as assigned by BL Head), Inventory Management Teams

Educational Background

  • Tertiary qualification in sales preferred; however, focus will be on experience & skills mainly
  • Real Estate related qualification

Key Skills, Experience and Background

  • Experience of 7-10 years in real estate consulting / other strategic consulting practices
  • Good understanding of real estate business
  • Ability to self?start with limited supervision
  • Result?oriented with the aspiration & ambition to learn and excel
  • Proficiency in the use of MS Office suite
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Well groomed and business like appearance at all times
  • Strong analytical skills and understanding of corporate planning
  • Very strong people management skills
  • Superior organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Exemplary ability to communicate clearly, logically and concisely
  • Proactive desire to take on additional responsibility
  • Proven strong leadership skills and ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks

Key Job Details

  • City: Pune
  • Category: Professional
  • Required Education: Tertiary qualification in sales preferred; however, focus will be on experience & skills mainly
  • Experience Level: 5 to 8 years
  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Job ID: BR-001

About Cityinfo Services

Cityinfo Services is India’s preeminent real estate consulting practice. With a range of skills from research & advisory to transaction management, we offer high impact solutions for corporate occupiers, investors and owners of real estate.

23 years of track-record, over 900+ transactions, totalling more than 38 million square feet in area, and presence across India. Cityinfo has the infrastructure and expertise to implement high quality solutions across the country. Our services have found favour with a range of corporations – from the blue-chip multinational to the mid-sized domestic – to meet real estate requirements in 80 locations across India.