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We Know
India Better:

Our complete understanding of the Indian real estate industry is our true strength. From this strength, emerges our capability to structure and implement the ideal real estate solutions. Like most other parts of the world, India has its unique set of drivers and practices for real estate – and a successful real estate solution has to account for these drivers to ensure an ideal-fit solution.

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Truly Global

We combine our intuitive knowledge of Indian real estate practices with global best practice across various dimensions of a real estate advisory. With Cityinfo as your partner, you can be assured of astute, accurate advice taking into consideration the highest standards of compliance and driven by analytical insights.

Cutting Edge

With a reputation for innovation, Cityinfo has always identified fresh approaches to provide sound insights and help complete transactions rapidly and in the best interest of our clients. Our introduction of technology applications for diverse facets of analyzing and shortlisting ideal solutions for clients is another key step in that direction.

Cityinfo Services - Technical Advantages


Every single transaction managed by Cityinfo has the involvement of a senior management team member. This team brings the advantage of intuitive understanding of real estate practices and market goodwill to ensure that clients gain the best value from each transaction.