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The Benefits of Hiring a Tenant Representation Broker

Posted on : 13 February 2018

Author : Team Cityinfo

Getting the most suitable office space at the best price possible is extremely crucial to any organization. Whether you’re looking for a new office in the city, relocating or expanding the company, at every stage of your company’s growth curve, a tenant rep is a must if you want to level the playing field.

At Cityinfo, it’s our aim to make clients feel confident with their real estate decisions. We’ve compiled a list of the top six benefits you can expect from hiring a tenant rep below:

1. Be well Informed to optimize your deal:

Unless you have a tenant rep who knows the commercial real estate market inside out, you will not receive a fair deal. The tenant’s interest is the key responsibility of a tenant rep. They guide you through new leases, negotiations, renewals and relocations by optimizing your lease deal and maximizing your lease incentives.

2. Blink, And You Miss The Coveted Office Spaces

You’d love an office in the Petronas, but have no clue how to get more information. You find out there was a vacancy but were unable to receive such information. The landlord never took your calls or returned your emails. An excellent tenant rep, would’ve got you through the main door and secured that space for you. Tenant reps ensure you don’t miss out on your dream office.

  1. 3. Save Precious Time By Letting Us Do The Long Work For You

If you want the best deal, you need to know the market inside and out, and further invest more time searching for properties. This takes a lot of time. It will be in your best interest to shift these responsibilities to a tenant rep. They have in-depth knowledge to secure the best deal for you.

  1. 4. Commercial Real Estate Dialect Is Complicated

While negotiating and going through heaps of paperwork, there is a specific language used at both ends of table. A tenant rep will take the time out to explain these complicated terms to you which will tremendously help you from making the wrong decisions.

  1. 5. The Space You Want May Not Be The Space Best Suited For Your Needs

If you’ve somehow managed to get in touch with landlords or their representatives and have some of the above points covered, the challenge doesn’t stop there if you choose to go ahead alone. When you’re searching for a space, you may not think of amenities or features that could benefit your business. A tenant rep broker will understand your business first, and then based on a needs assessment, determines exactly what you need in your new office space. Within your budget of course.

  1. 6. Tenant Rep Brokers Have The Right Contacts

When it comes to real estate, many times there be a requirement to take help from experts in other fields. Be it a reputed interior designer or corporate real estate attorney that you could be looking for, your tenant rep broker likely has all the right contacts and will be able to refer you to the right professionals for the job.

To give your company a fighting chance at finding the perfect office space with the best terms and a fair price, it’s imperative to hire a tenant rep broker to assist you in your search. Our tenant rep brokers have negotiated millions of square feet of office space when combined and have accumulated precious experience in this journey. They would be dedicated in ensuring you get the best of everything in our search for the perfect office space.

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